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Well-being Evening

At the beginning of the month a Health and Wellbeing evening was held at the school to promote the importance of these aspects amongst children. Parents, staff and governors of the school were invited to the evening, as well as Ysgol Beca. 

This term’s theme for years 3 – 6 is Health and Wellbeing and different activities and workshops are being held to raise the children’s awareness of the importance of eating healthily, hygiene, exercise, learning social skills, relaxing and safety in general. As part of our Healthy School’s policy we promote health and wellbeing by providing a fruit shop, a water bottle for each individual, holding a cookery club after school and providing activities to help the child’s all round development. 

During the evening we had a number of different services, partnerships and guest speakers sharing their expertise with us. 

Ceirios Jenner welcomed everyone to the evening and light refreshments were donated by Tesco, Carmarthen. 

Firstly the county’s Road Safety Officer spoke about the projects they are involved with, and what they do in our school. Then we had representatives from the catering department to discuss the Breakfast Club and the importance of healthy eating. Following this we received information about a program within the county called ‘MEND’, and the different work the nurse does with the children. A representative from the fire brigade visited and spoke about fire safety, and the Smile Campaign spokeswoman discussed the importance of cleaning teeth. A familiar face to the school is PC Bev, our School Police Liaison Officer. She spoke about the work she does promoting good social behaviour, road safety and safety on the internet, dangers of drugs and numerous other issues. She finished by reciting a poem about the influence a smile has on the world. Sian Bryan spoke about Dragon Sports and the opportunities the children have to develop physical education skills, competing in different sports and keeping fit in the after school club. Following this Huw Rees from the Evolve program spoke about the physical education lessons he does within the school and the importance of promoting fitness and monitoring the children’s progress in their skills and fitness. Helping children learn social skills was the topic of Dr Emily Lovegrove’s talk. An interesting hour was had listening to the experienced psychologists talking about different social skills and her enjoyment of visiting the school recently whilst doing a workshop with the older children. 

The evening came to an end with Debbie Wilde explaining the importance of relaxing. In a world where everyone’s lives are so busy, it’s just as important to look after our minds as it is our bodies. She showed different relaxing techniques and everyone participated. Ceirios thanked everyone for coming and making it a successful night, especially the people that gave of their time to talk to us. 

Visitor feedback:

‘A well organized informative evening. Good overview of the holistic work being done at the school.’ 

‘A very enjoyable evening. Covered all aspects of emotional and physical wellbeing.’

'Amazing how many agencies are involved with a school. Really worthwhile event. Informative and very interesting. Particularly enjoyed Dr Lovegrove’s workshop. Exceptionally well organised and a good variety of workshops/speakers.’ 

‘Event was very well organized and the organisations that attended complemented each other very well. The short talk concept allowed everyone the opportunity to tell all about the good work they are doing to promote health and well-being.’ 

‘Well organized event; nice to see so many different professionals within one event. A lovely way to relay the message to the parents.’

‘The evening was very well organised with a good mix of speakers’. 

‘Great evening – lovely idea for parents with a multi agency approach. Lots of important messages/information. All schools should organise a similar evening’. 

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