Mr & Mrs Evening

A Mr & Mrs evening was held at the Market Hall on 4th October to raise funds for the school. The question master for the evening was Clive Edwards who was ably assisted by Eurfyl Lewis. Six couples from the community took part including our very own Mrs Jenner and her husband Anthony. It was a fun and enjoyable evening with Margarette and Tony declared as the winners. The ladies each received flowers presented by some of the children who attended. 

A total of £973 was raised. 

We would like to thank Mary and Becky for organising the evening and everyone who helped to make it such a success.  

Also a huge thank you to our couples Margarette, Tony, Hywel, Vanw, Dorian, Ivy, Rodney, Eiry, Nigel, Julie, Anthony and Mrs Jenner for being such good sports.