PC Cath

We welcomed PC Cath to school on the 14th January. She is our school's liaison officer and her role is to enhance the children's knowledge, understanding, behaviour, attitudes, values and skills which in return will promote and improve positive citizenship in school and within the community. 

The nursery and reception pupils learned about safety and the people who help us. They learned about the role of the emergency services and had the opportunity to model some of the uniform that members of each service wears.  

The topic for years 1 and 2 was Who? What? Where? Take Care! This is an age appropriate introduction to drug and substance abuse through which they learn about who is allowed to give medicine, what the medicines are for and under which circumstances should they be taken. 

Sticks and Stones was the theme for years 3 and 4. This dealt with the issue of bullying and taught the pupils of the different kinds of bullying, who can help and the steps to take if it ever happened to them. 

The lesson for years 5 and 6 taught them about cyber bullying. It involved some role play and group work relating to video footage shown by PC Cath. This made the children aware of the effects of cyber bulling on others and the steps to take if they ever experienced it themselves.