Tudor Instruments

On 1st April, as part of their theme on the Tudors, pupils in years 5 & 6 had the opportunity to learn about music in Tudor times. Mr Steve Metcalfe, our peripatetic guitar teacher, brought along an array of instruments which were popular in Tudor times for the children to learn about and listen to. Amongst his collection there was:

  • a Renaissance guitar or Cittern, often played by the common folk
  • a Renaissance recorder, of which Henry VIII had hundreds
  • a Lute, which can be 8 feet long
  • a Crumhorn, the name of which is derived from the German for bent horn
  • a Hurdy Gurdy, an instruments which is still popular in France today

We would like to thank Mr Metcalfe for finding time in his busy schedule to enhance the children's learning by bringing the sounds of Tudor music to life.