PC Cath

PC Cath visited the school on 17th December. The subject for pupils in years 1 and 2 was "People Who Help Us". During this lesson pupils learned what an emergency is and what to do in an emergency. They discussed the emergency services, who they are, what they wear and how each one can help. They enjoyed a story and some lucky pupils were called upon to help with a little role play.  

Friend or Foe? was the subject of PC Cath's lesson with years 3 and 4. They discussed how to stay safe when out playing with friends, who are trusted adults and the dangers that strangers as well as known adults can impose and the importance of telling someone when they are made to feel uncomfortable. 

Years 5 and 6 had a lesson in e-safety and how to stay safe whilst online. The internet is a very useful tool which most children enjoy and during this lesson, PC Cath highlighted the importance of not sharing personal information with others, only accepting messages from people they actually know in person, the dangers of meeting up with "online friends" and the importance of telling an adult they trust when they feel uncomfortable about something. 

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