Miss Sai Mo'yn

Our Christmas show this year was a musical entitled Miss Sai Mo'yn. Miss Lala or Miss Sai Mo'yn as she was referred to by the servants due to her never wanting to do as she was asked, was the daughter of a wealthy family whose intentions were for her to marry Rhisiart, but of course, Miss Lala didn't want to! With the Christmas preparations and celebrations under way in the big house the accidental discovery of a genie in the teapot, a mix up over a magic potion and the disappearance of the silver teapot gave the story plenty of light hearted entertainment.

As always, the children looking splendid in their costumes put on a fantastic performance.

Thank you to them all for their hard work and to parents for providing the costumes.

A big thank you also to Mrs Llinos Thomas and Mrs Delyth Morris for giving up their precious time at the weekends to paint the spectacular scenery.